February 2023
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Housing Program Opportunities

HASFN currently offers several different housing programs.  Each program is listed below.  A completed application and all required documents must be turned in.

Housing Program Application - This application contains all three programs.  Please make sure to indicate what program you are applying for.  Please complete the application in blue or black ink.

Update Application - You must update your application yearly to maintain active status on HASFN waiting list.  Please make sure you complete the application and provide required documentations.


Lease Option Housing Program

The Lease Option Housing Program is a program "geared" to allow the participant the flexibility of a twenty-five-year lease with the option to purchase the home at any time during the period of the lease. This lease will be renewed yearly. Monthly payments are based on an annual income, and shall not exceed 30% of income. Lease Option homes are located in Agra, Stroud, Chandler, Davenport, Meeker, Prague, Cushing, and Shawnee.

Lease Option Admissions and Occupancy Policy

Lease Option Ceiling Rents



Low-Rent Housing Program

The Low-Rent Program is a rental program with a one year lease. This program is developed to allow a future homebuyer the opportunity to prepare for homeownership. All rental properties are duplex units, located in the Shawnee, Cushing, and Stroud areas only.

Low Rent Admissions and Occupancy Policy

Low Rent Ceiling Rents




Emergency Temporary Housing

The Emergency Temporary Housing Program is a type of “emergency” housing that is provided for a minimum of 7 days but not to exceed 90 days.  This program is for individuals and/or families who are subject to, have been subjected to, or are a direct recipient of a set of circumstances that leaves them void of viable housing. Persons who qualify have access to safe and sanitary temporary emergency housing provided by the HASFN might be victims of domestic abuse, life-threatening conditions, fires, natural disasters, court-ordered, divorce, or evictions.

During the stay in this unit, the tenant will have a set of strict rules that they must comply with, as well as being monitored closely. HASFN has only two units.

Emergency Temporary Housing Policy


Tribal Elder Home Rehabilitation Program

The Tribal Elder Home Rehabilitation Program is created to assist eligible (low-income, elderly) participants to bring their home back to a decent, safe, and sanitary condition, and to ensure the structural integrity of their home, provides rehabilitation of privately-owned homes belonging to elderly (age 62 and over) Sac and Fox Nation Tribal members and to other elderly of Federally Recognized Tribes. Sac and Fox Nation tribal members are given first preference. (See Policy)

The final eligibility determination is made by the Maintenance Manager and the Executive Director after the property 's Field Assessment is completed. Applicant selections approved by the Maintenance Manager and Executive Director may be reviewed by the BOC for compliance with the Policy and other HASFN requirements. 

HASFN Rehabilitation Policy

Rehabilitation Application 


 Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The purpose of the ERA Program is to provide emergency rental assistance for the payment of rents and utilities, and arrearages for the same, for low-income Tribal members and other Indian families who have disproportionately suffered from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ERA Program is designed to assist Tribal, Indian, and other households whose income is at or below 80% of the Median Income who face potential eviction or homelessness because they are unable to pay rent and utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency Rental Assistance is available to eligible applicants residing in Pottawatomie, Lincoln, Payne, Cleveland, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Creek and Logan Counties in Oklahoma.  Sac and Fox Tribal Members who reside within the state of Oklahoma are eligible to apply, provided that all program requirements are met.

ERA Policy

ERA Application


U.S. Treasury Homeowner Assistance Fund

The HASFN’s U.S. Treasury Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) Program is designed to assist low-income and moderate-income Native American households/families with emergency homeowner and housing related assistance.  Assistance may include monthly mortgage payments, mortgage arrearage, utility charges, utility arrearage, property costs such as insurance, taxes, title issues and homeowner displacement prevention measures but DOES NOT include rental assistance, household goods or luxury items as identified in the HASFN’s Policy. Current residents of HASFN affordable housing are not eligible for this assistance. The HAF program is available for Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma tribal members anywhere in the United States of America and for other qualifying Native American households in Cleveland, Creek, Lincoln, Logan, Oklahoma, Payne, Pottawatomie, and Tulsa Counties in Oklahoma.

Homeowner Assistance Fund Policy

Homeowner Assistance Fund Application


Instructions on how to submit your forms:

email to eraprogram@hasfn.net


mail in your forms at:

Atten: ERA Program

PO Box 1252

Shawnee, OK 74802